Greetings from Mr. Groteluschen

Dear Students and Parents:

It is with great pleasure that I take this opportunity to welcome you to South Tama County High School.  I am extremely proud of the programs our school offers our students and I encourage you to make the most of your time with us.  When you come to South Tama County High School you are sending a message to everyone around you:  I am here to learn, grow, and become a better me.

Students are expected to take ownership of their learning at South Tama County. After all, your future depends on the work you do here. Your academic achievement will be reflected in your grades, your test scores, and ultimately in the opportunities you have after you graduate.   Our Mission Statement and Core Values are our promise to you and our expectation of every student.

I encourage every student to become an active member of our school.  In addition to an excellent academic foundation, South Tama County High School offers many educational programs to help students become well-rounded, mature young adults.  Please take advantage of the many clubs and activities we have at South Tama County High School.  South Tama County High School needs all of our students to be active members of our school community. Challenge yourself this year by joining a new club, activity, or academic team.  Your teachers and support staff are here to help and guide you during your time as a Trojan.  The more opportunities and experiences you have during your time at South Tama County High School, the better prepared you will be for the next chapter in your life.

I look forward to each school year with great excitement and hope all of our students will have a rewarding and successful four years at STC!

Once again, welcome and Go Trojans!

Mark Groteluschen

High School Principal